At Ultra-Color, we’re here to make your print buying experience easy.

We’ve provided some printing tips to help you take the guesswork out of the process. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us.

  • For four color process jobs, make sure all photos and artwork are saved as CMYK.


  • Print a proof of the job FROM THE FILE that you are sending to us. It helps us to know what to expect when we process your files. If the files don’t print correctly for you, they won’t print correctly for us.


  • Extend all images, color bars, and blocks past the trim edge of the document. This will ensure that your piece trims correctly.


  • If you are sending PDFs, make sure that they are print quality PDFs.


  • If your piece folds, be sure to check with your account representative to devise the most efficient way to create it. A panel that folds into another will often need to be slightly shorter to allow the piece to fold correctly.


  • Remove any unnecessary type or images from your document. Leaving unnecessary information in your files can lead to confusion and mistakes.


  • Make sure that all supplied files have the correct extension (.eps for EPS files, etc.). Do not use symbols, such as: ;, #, or & in the name of your files, as this can cause problems for some servers.


  • If your piece requires any special processes (spot varnish, die cutting, or embossing, for example), make sure to contact your account representative BEFORE you send us the files, so we can let you know how to create them in the most efficient manner.


  • If all of this seems too complicated or cumbersome to decipher, simply contact your account representative and we can arrange for an Ultra-Color designer to help your project come to life.