Biodegradable, renewable, recycled, and reusable. . .

Sustainable PrintingAt Ultra-Color, we are committed to utilizing and maintaining sustainable printing practices and are continually working to decrease our
carbon footprint.


We care about the world and the impact we make on it. Never losing sight of our goal to produce the highest quality printed piece for you, we are always striving to maintain sustainable printing practices. In everything from the paper we use to the inks we print with, we are always conscious of our impact on tomorrow.

Some of our sustainable printing practices include:

• Decreasing ink waste by using a computer-controlled ink mixing system
• Decreasing chemical, paper, and transportation use by providing digital proofs and online proofs to our clients
• Eliminating alcohol use in the press dampening system
• Recycling metal plates, paper, solvent, and waste ink
• Using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) aqueous coatings and vegetable oil-based PMS inks
• VOC-free four-color process

Sustainable printing meets the demands of today, while preserving resources for tomorrow.

Contact us today to find out how our affordable, high quality, environmentally-friendly printing can help make your carbon footprint smaller.